Humidifier B 500 Professional

Air Humidifier B 500 Professional is the perfect device for achieving optimal humidity levels in large spaces up to 900 m3. This air-humidifying device doesn’t just create a comfortable indoor climate; it also provides proper climate regulation for materials storage and preservation. Expensive hardwood floors, valuable furniture or antiques benefit from proper humidity levels. As an air-humidifying device for larger spaces, the Air Humidifier B 500 Professional is ideal for use in museums, libraries, music studios and galleries. Technical facilities like IT centres, call centres and medical establishments can profit from the versatility of this professional device. The synthetic casing of the Air Humidifier B 500 Professional is not only easy to clean and maintain, but is also easy to transport thanks to its lightweight design and built-in wheels.

    Papildoma informacija

    Išmatavimai (Pl x Au x Gy)

    75,5 x 62,0 x 36,5 cm

    Svoris (tuščias)

    21 kg


    230V / 50Hz

    El. Sąnaudos

    max. 95 Watt (without accessories)

    Evaporation performance

    2,6 ltr./h at 25°C and 20% r.h.

    Oro srautas

    900 m³/h

    Maitinimo laidas

    2 m


    ca. 32-44 dBA (depending on blower setting)

    Evaporation filter surface

    3,5 m²

    Vandens talpa

    approx. 50 ltr.


    white, grey or anthracite



    Patalpai iki

    900 m³

    Tinakamas drėkinti iki

    50 m³ at 70 % r.h. wothout cooling