Humidifier B 120


The Air Humidifier B 120 provides both an efficient and comfortable way to achieve optimal humidity levels in living and working spaces. This device is guaranteed to impress with its combination of energy efficiency and quiet operation. In the colder months, heating devices produce air, which dries out the respiratory tract, and the Air Humidifier B120 provides a healthy and refreshing indoor climate. Optimal air humidity isn’t only beneficial to one’s health, but also protects furniture, room fixtures and other valuables from possible damage. Thanks to its attractive and compact design, this air-humidifying device can be placed discretely in a variety of spaces and blends in easily with the surrounding décor.  The device is ready-for-use upon delivery and provides comfortable air humidity for rooms up to 130 m³.

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skolinantis 500 eurų, vartojimo kredito sutartį sudarant 12 mėnesių, metinė palūkanų norma – 14,9 proc., mėnesio įmoka – 48,17 eurai, sandorio sudarymo mokestis – 0 eurų, bendros vartojimo kredito kainos metinė norma – 31,45 proc., bendra vartojimo kredito gavėjo mokama suma – 578,00 eurų. Sąlygos gali kisti remiantis gautais kreditingumo vertinimo rezultatais.

    Papildoma informacija

    Išmatavimai (Pl x Au x Gy)

    46,6 x 29,1 x 27,0 cm

    Svoris (tuščias)

    approx. 3,6 kg


    230V / 50Hz

    El. Sąnaudos

    approx. 25 Watt

    Maitinimo laidas

    2 m


    approx. 34 dBA

    Vandens talpa

    approx. 11 ltr


    white or black



    Patalpai iki

    130 m³

    Tinakamas drėkinti iki

    6 m³ at 70 % r.h. without cooling